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"Serving Old School Flavor Since 1907"

We started out on Elmwood Avenue in Columbia in 1907, delivering meals to hungry mill workers.  After 110 years, we haven't changed much.  We are still local, still family-owned, and still feeding generations of Columbians with an experience that can't be replicated anywhere else.


Home of the best chicken sandwich in the world. 


"Drake’s has been around forever, and in that time it’s reached the pinnacle of the fried chicken sandwich experience." --Thrillist, "Best Fast Food, 15 Essential Columbia SC Restaurants"


"This place is a must-visit, a downtown landmark that's been at one location on Main Street or another serving 'quacking good food' for more than fifty years."  --Tabélog, "Best Cheap Eats in Columbia"


"Known for its cheeseburgers, chicken filet sandwiches and other very affordable eats, Drake’s Duck-In offers some of the best, fastest fast-food-that’s-not-fast-food you’ll find anywhere in town." --Free Times

“That’s all I know, my kids know. The chicken and cheeseburgers. The burgers remind me of my grandmother’s. They taste homemade. Everything else (from childhood) is gone, but Drake’s remains.” --The State, "Drake’s Duck-In has been operating in various downtown locations since 1907"

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